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"there is no blue without yellow and without orange"

Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890)

Yellow is one of the most visible colour to the human eye, even to colour blind people. Various shades of yellow hint natural character of earthy, warmth, summer, cheerfulness, optimism, clarity, perception, caution, curiosity, creativity, attracts attention, radiating, enthusiasm, imagination, restlessness, free-spirited outlook and boundless energy. In business activity yellow colour stimulate success, progress, change, communication, persuasion with confidence and knowledge.

We are vibrant team of design professionals who are inspired by yellow colour to bring the creative and intellectual energy into our work and strive to be different in our approach to design.

Yellow Woods Architects

About Us

With experience in the realm of architecture, interiors, urban design and planning, Yellow Woods Architects and its associates possess excellent working knowledge on residential, property development, master planning, commercial, public spaces, retail and hospitality.

We understand the key success of a project is to treat them individually, impulse on strategic design thinking & sustainable design and more importantly allocate appropriate staff who are competent to contribute desired outcome.

Our client benefits from our networks of talented design professionals and skilled trades & building practitioners who have worked on various stages of project as well as award winning projects in Australia and at International level, and more importantly a collaborative Client/Architect approach to project delivery.

Design Philosophy

We aim to achieve excellence in all projects with a consistent approach as follow:

  • Design Solutions – that understand client brief & objectives and ensure added value to project. We aim to facilitate a successful design outcome that meet and respond to social requirements.
  • Design for Place – that responds to site specific conditions and appreciate the overall geographical context of the development impact of the development both local and universal. Our approach emphasise on thorough site study, sensitivity design and consultation with relevant experts and project working groups.
  • Sustainable Design – that address the economic feasibility of the project and balanced environmental benefit of the development. We take into consideration long-term strategy of project value management and continually develop workable standard constructions within budget requirements.

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What is MAPPS?

It is a Management and Project Partnership System which provide an all in one service to private investor or property developer in Victoria. We manage projects limited to town planning, property development, multi units development and property subdivisions.

Partnership system involves a client service department, architectural / technician and guarantor, each parties responsible for their corresponding expertise. We bring together qualified staff and consultants to manage your project. The aim of such system is to identify suitable project feasibility and deliver an informative process to clients with risk free investment.

Upon reviewing your proposal, we take a calculated risk to guarantee the result of your proposal to obtain permit. In the event of the planning permit is not granted, we provide full refund of our fee. As such, your proposed development is managed with minimal financial risk.

Benefits of MAPP system includes..

  • Guaranteed* planning permit (*conditional)
  • No risk investment, No variations to costs
  • Management the overall process from project inception to completion
  • Open process, informed and collective decisions
  • Assistance to entry level property developer
  • Access to network of consultant and other professionals
  • Liaise with relevant authorities such as councils, planners
  • We provide one stop shop for property development projects

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Pixel Perfect Design Studio

Pixel perfect design studio brings together a team of diverse design professionals such as Architects, Interior Designer, Graphics & 3D Visualisations, Industrial Designers, Artists, Trades and Manufacturers to collaborate in almost any imaginable design requirements.

Regardless of product or project size, clients and other business interests will have the benefit of thorough project management process and adept quality control. Each responsible designers will ensure project delivery is carried out satisfactorily and meet their stringent design standards.

  • Stone designs. As the first of its kind in the business, Pixel Perfect team have the capacity to design a custom made and one off any stone products from feature wall, tile pattern and interior / exterior objects. We take charge design process, prototype, product sourcing, pricing, product delivery and design control.
  • Furniture & Fitout designs. Our designers have worked on a vast range of furniture designs and fitout projects to meet any private and commercial requirements. We explore materiality, design documentation, prototypes , manufacturing & assembly, and more importantly, overseeing the projects to completion.
  • Design research and brief development. We provide service which set guidelines meet client’s objective.
  • Pattern making such as screens.
  • Graphic design, 3D Modeling and Visualisation for any model project, from single object to complicated structure.
  • Object and art design for interior and exterior.
  • Project management. We are proud on advocating studio environment where a design can be rigorously tested to meet brief objectives. Each project would be structured and workshops managed to allow for continual involvement of ‘sponsoring’ designer.

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Contact Us

Please express your interests or project requirements. We will expedite to contact you in timely manner.

Yellow Group

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Phone: 03 9383 1831